Putting on the Rookie Premium(Plus) is quick and easy. However, please watch our video anyway and follow the instructions below.

You can also download the manual here.


If your baby is younger than four weeks or lighter than 4.5kg, you should turn the waist belt twice.

Overview of the video

00:00 Rookie Premium instruction

02:35 Headrest instruction

03:25 The 5 most important take aways 

05:05 Rookie Premium for newborns

Instruction video

Safety Instructions

  1. Make sure that your baby's head always looks to the side, i.e. your baby's nose is not pressed against your chest.
  2. Always keep the Velcro clean.


  1. When putting on the hip belt, make sure that the carrier is positioned in the middle (i.e. not shifted to the right/left) and that it is positioned a little too high and therefore too low.
  2. The velcro of the hip belt should be completely closed.
  3. Adjust the bar so that it extends from knee pit to knee pit of your baby.
  4. Make sure that your baby's bottom "slides" a little into the carrier so that the back of the knees are slightly above the bottom (M shape)
  5. Do not overtighten the straps. The aim is a slightly rounded back for your baby. Your hand should still be able to grip relaxed between your baby's back and the stretcher.
  6. You can adjust the headrest to different sizes by attaching the lower buttons to the upper "button connectors". Usually it is sufficient to close two of the six buttons.
  7. Attention: If the hip belt "sticks out", then it is not properly fastened. Fold the Rookie as shown at the beginning of the video.