Substances and materials - current information

More and more often we are asked whether the fabrics and materials used for our Rookie baby carriers are safe.

Scientists are only just beginning to understand whether and how long the new coronavirus remains active on surfaces. According to the Robert Koch Institute, the new corona virus is not yet known to be transmitted through objects.

According to a new pre-published study from the USA, the new Corona virus can survive for up to 72 hours on plastics or stainless steel. On paper the virus can remain active for up to 24 hours. This is shown by first experiments of the US-American epidemic control authority. However, for a possible infection, a relatively large number of fours would have to be present on the specific surface.

The stability of coronaviruses in the environment depends on many factors such as temperature, humidity and surface quality, reports the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment. According to the current state of knowledge, it is unlikely that imported goods such as [...] toys [...] clothes or shoes [...] could be a source of infection with the corona virus.

Our production

For our current productions of baby carriers we use fabrics and materials (such as apple leather) which were already produced in November 2019. This means even before the first cases of coronavirus at the end of December 2019.

Our fabrics are also subject to the strictest GOTS guidelines, so that they are regularly tested. Our fabrics are also stored and transported for several weeks before being processed in our local production facility.

There are no known cases of the COVID-19 virus in our production facility. We have also taken precautions in our warehouse, so that only one employee packs your stretchers and makes sure that everything is safe.

Detailed information on materials used

Apple leather

  • The apple leather used for the production of Rookie PremiumPlus and Rookie Revolutions was produced between October 2019 and November 2019.
  • The apple leather produced in November 2019 was collected in Italy on 6 December 2019 for the transport of goods and reached the warehouse in Berlin on 16 December.
  • At the time of collection in Italy, the country was not affected by the coronavirus.
  • The materials were kept, controlled and safely stored in the Berlin warehouse on December 16th until the production of the baby carriers.


  • The TPE filling for the shoulder straps and waist belt of all baby carriers was produced in November 2019 and shipped to the Berlin warehouse on December 18th.
  • At this time, there was also no known infection of a corona case in the countries of origin and destination.
  • The goods reached the warehouse in Berlin at the beginning of February.
  • The goods were stored for more than six weeks.

Velcro closure

  • The Velcro fastener that is currently used for the Rookie Baby Carriers comes from a local production facility in Krefeld.
  • Work here is carried out under the strictest safety measures and gloves are used.
  • Also the velcro was stored for several weeks.


  • All other fabrics were already produced in large rolls at the beginning of 2019 and stored for further production. As all our fabrics are GOTS-certified, they are subject to the strictest quality and control procedures.