THANK YOU: Free face masks for midwives

Extraordinary situations like these require extraordinary measures - that is why we decided to use the spare parts of our baby carrier production for the production of face masks.

Challenges in the Corona Pandemic

Midwives accompany us on a very special path. A time in which we get to know our newborn child, recover and process. Especially in the first weeks at home many mothers have a lot of questions. They then appreciate it very much that they are also looked after by a midwife after the birth of their baby.

In the current situation, many midwives are facing challenges, especially due to the lack of protective clothing. There is a lack of face masks and gloves.

Nevertheless midwives continue to provide daily support for babies and their parents. They are not discouraged by the current crisis and do their job tirelessly every day.

We want to say THANK YOU

Together with our team, we decided to expand our production to include face masks. So we have produced a limited amount of face masks for our midwives. These are made from our breathable, sustainably certified rookie fabric.

A very special THANK YOU goes to midwives: To allow them to continue their amazing and important jobs safely, we would like to give them a face mask. Midwives can register on a separate list and will receive the mask as a priority.

Together we can do it!