Hi Rookie lovers,
My name is Bianca, a passionate mama of two beautiful boys. Noah, aged 2 and little Hayes, who is 3 months old. I was asked the five below questions and I am extremely excited to share my journey in finding the perfect baby carrier with you!


1: Why did you decide to get the Rookie?
    What an easy question to answer. The Rookie speaks for itself really. It is absolutely beautiful, classy and minimalistic. After two years, and many trials of different baby carriers and wraps, the Rookie has hands down been the best choice and investment we have made! With no unnecessary straps and clips, it is so simple and easy to use - even if you are a mama on your own. I just love how the Rookie even acts as an accessory to my outfits and unlike other bulky carriers, it is super stylish. Another added bonus is it fits my husband too, and we both find it extremely comfortable with no back strain! 
    2: In which situations does the Rookie help you the most?
    Being a mama of two boys, the Rookie is simply my go-to baby necessity every day. Whether it's cooking, cleaning, shopping, hanging the washing, going for walks, working from home or homeschooling my toddler - being so snug and simple, the Rookie allows me to move about hands-free and tick things off my to-do list while my baby bear naps on my chest! Being a travel family, I cannot think of a better or more fashionable carrier.


    3: What information was especially useful when deciding on the Rookie?
    What I loved about Rookie is that all the information I needed was so easily available to me on the website. The customer support was wonderful and they are so easy to reach on social media too. I wasn't a hundred percent sure at first if I was doing things correctly when trying on the carrier at home for the first time, but after sending through pictures, I was guided and told how to make sure my baby was in the safest and most comfortable position. 


    4: Why do you love carrying your baby?
    Baby wearing is one of my favorite things. As mama's we are always told to put our babies in their crib or let them cry when we need to get things done, but with baby wearing you are still able to do all you need to do, with your little human safe and happy on your chest. Being a work at home mom with two little ones, time is so valuable and this is the fastest way to calm them down and get them to fall asleep while still maintaining that close connection. You really get to take in the little moments that really fly by so quickly. 
    5: Would you say Rookie is a unique baby carrier brand and if so, what makes them stand out?

    In my personal opinion, Rookie most certainly stands out in the baby carrier world. I love the personal touch and relationships that they build. They are not just a shop, but a brand that really value their customers and they are so consistent in their products and service. When first coming across the Rookie site, I also loved the story behind Rookie and how the founders were also travel lovers, like my little family. Knowing they can connect to a traveler's needs with comfort and style made me even more excited about the brand.
    I would highly recommend the Rookie carrier and brand to any mom, dad or family who love comfort, quality and style!